How Can David Abramson & Associates Help?

After many years of attracting, hiring, developing, and retaining leaders who shine, David Abramson & Associates has learned a few things, among them:

David Abramson has spent his career attracting and hiring people who have created exceptional results for the organizations they lead. Years of direct and consulting experience have developed a laser-like focus to identify a candidate’s potential for demonstrating exceptional leadership skills, organizational fit and sustained success.  David offers:

Quality Control Assurance Partner-Upper Midwest

(with bonus of considerable new business to the firm)

Summary: Found and recruited a Big 4 partner experienced individual who wanted to be a much greater impact player. In the process we identified that he might be able to bring additional new business to the client. The client was pleased with the candidate’s fit in the position but also delighted with the bonus of the new business.

Details: We performed a retained search for a top 20 Midwest based firm that needed to fill a senior level Assurance Services Quality Control Partner leadership position.  We identified a candidate with both Big 4 partnership and industry experience. This person had a very strong technical (and client service) background but was not previously being challenged to demonstrate broader leadership abilities. This opportunity was very attractive as it enabled the candidate to be much more of an impact player in helping technically guide the entire firm (as well as continue to provide client specific guidance).

The principal responsibilities of this position were all aspects of quality control over the assurance services, including monitoring compliance with existing standards and providing vision and strategic direction as to changes necessary to the firm’s assurance quality control policies and procedures. Responsibilities also included providing vision and strategic direction related to improving the firm’s existing assurance delivery systems. Focus was to upgrade quality control in all assurance services with the greatest emphasis on the highest risk clients and services.

We identified in the search process that our candidate might be able to bring considerable new business to the client. While this was not a determinate in the hiring decision, it would be a very positive additional benefit. The client direct admitted the individual to partnership based upon his ability to fill the Quality Control Leadership role. To the client’s delight, through a special relationship the successful candidate has directed millions of dollars of special services to his new firm.

Our search process is unique and effective because it is:

Quality Control Assurance Partner in Charge- New York City

Summary: We help candidates become closer to self-actualization and get greater job and personal satisfaction.

Details: We performed a retained search for a top 20 accounting firm looking for an Assurance Services Quality Control Partner-in-Charge position. This position was currently filled by a very successful and proud individual. The transition to a new individual could have been very difficult. This was a critical factor in finding the right candidate. As we performed the search, we developed a relationship with a former Andersen Partner who was with a Big 4 firm. She was excited and interested in taking on this significant leadership role.

Her new responsibilities would help her get closer to “being all she could be” as the Quality Control Assurance Partner-in-Charge’s mission was to insure appropriate quality control and delivery systems were in place for assurance services delivered, and that the firm met all appropriate professional standards as it delivered those services. In addition, this position provided leadership for continual improvement and growth of accounting and auditing services. She also was to lead initiatives to help the firm minimize professional litigation risks.

This movement from a Big 4 line role to this key leadership role in a very large super regional firm enabled her to take on a critical leadership role and help advance her new firm. In turn, she has greatly increased her impact and the importance of her contributions and her related job satisfaction. 

If you are looking for a senior financial executive, see some of our other information on how David Abramson & Associates can not only help you find the executive you hire, but the leader you keep.

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