Leadership Development

If you are a Partner, Senior Manager or a financial executive, there are several ways that David Abramson & Associates can help you achieve career optimization:

“I am not a therapist or specialized executive coach. Rather, I take a very pragmatic approach - helping clients focus on strategy, operations and especially senior personal development. I use my personal experiences of having had many senior leaders reporting to me as well as advising CEOs and owners of client companies. We do formal executive coaching on a very limited basis for Executive or Managing Partners, CEOs and CFO level individuals.” - D.H. Abramson

Managing Partner – West Coast Firm

Summary: Executive coaching, mentoring and succession planning were issues addressed by Abramson in this engagement.

“He wasted no time grasping our situation, then proposing and facilitating a management reorganization which will maximize partner contributions………”

This comment was received after the completion of an assignment related to a demand for more effective firm leadership and to provide coaching and strategic planning services for the client.

Direct Admit Partner

Summary: A partner was directly admitted under Abramson’s leadership. He advanced from Office Department Head to a Managing Partner role and ultimately a National Functional Managing Partner. After Abramson had founded David Abramson & Associates, he continued to coach this individual through subsequent career and employment changes.

This partner memorialized his feelings about Abramson upon his leaving the firm: “I think back over the years and reflect on lessons learned”.  Then he listed 18 such lessons; among them were:  

    1. “Respect for others; listen to what others have to offer.”
    2. “Hire the best – settle for nothing less.”
    3. “Don’t get involved unless you plan to take a leadership role.”
    4. “Get involved.”
    5. “Always look for a better way.”
    6. “Accept the challenge.”
    7. “Have fun at your job.”

He then thanked David for all he had done for him (and the partnership) and most of all for his friendship.

College Recruit developed into Abramson’s successor as Managing Partner

Summary: This individual was recruited directly from a college campus after he had an internship with a Big 4 firm. He worked directly for Abramson on engagements and as a department head as he advanced to Partnership. He was a natural candidate to become Abramson’s successor as Managing Partner.

 This partner also memorialized his feelings about Abramson upon leaving the firm. These included: “I carry this saying with me at all times: ‘Management is the process of getting things done through people’.  At this you excelled. I look around the firm and see many examples of those who benefitted from your development. Your legacy of excellence will be long and strong. Thank you for all we have shared and all you have done for me.”

Client Companies