Retained Executive Searches

Our main focus is retained executive searches where we are engaged by the client company to fill a specific senior financial leadership position. We work with the client to deeply understand the position as well as the client’s culture.

We add a consultative process to the initiation of the retained search. We focus on the specific role of the candidate to make it most beneficial to the client and most attractive to the best candidates. We then incorporate that into a detailed position description. We also work with the client to help identify and express the compelling reasons candidates would be interested in this position. These and the other action steps are detailed in our Retained Consultative Executive Search Process.

Our discussion in Retained Search from a Candidate’s View is equally if not more relevant to the client as it is to the candidate; so it is repeated in full here. Three key benefits of our search:

A mistake in career change for a candidate means losing out on an existing successful position which most often can not be recovered. It then would require a job search process, which most of our candidates have never done as they have always been recruited. From the client’s perspective, a hire or new partner who is not successful is extraordinarily expensive. Calculations have been made that such a hire is 2 to 10 times the salary of such a person. The 2 times includes the basic separation and hiring costs while the 10 times also includes the organizational impact of the individual while employed as well as the lost opportunity costs.

We are proud of the success we enjoy with our retained recruitments and the short and long term value they have brought to their new employers.

Quality Control Assurance Partner- Midwest

Summary: We find candidates whose performance exceeds the already high expectations as described in their position description.

Details: We performed a retained search for a regional Midwest firm who needed to fill an Assurance Services Quality Control Partner-in-Charge position. The client was very focused on needing the technical support. We wanted to find this technical strength but also someone who could help the client advance their firm to an even higher level. By being very selective and persistent, we were able to find and help secure a very experienced Big 4 Senior Manager with public company CFO experience. This individual had the breadth and depth of practical technical experience to go beyond fulfilling the requirements. In addition, he also brought experience in dealing with more sophisticated and complex clients as well as new business lead identification, development and closing successes to his new partners.

After obtaining a deep understanding of the position and the client’s culture, we look to our existing and new relationships to help us identify the best potential candidates. Most often these individuals are very successful in their current employment and not looking at new opportunities. We work on trying to convince them that this special opportunity will help them significantly advance, to be all they can be. (But only if the opportunity is unique from their current position.)

Learn earn more about retained search from a candidate or client perspective.

CFO - Southern California

Summary: Recruited a highly experienced and talented CFO to provide more credibility in the financial markets for the client and their public and equity fund investors.

Details: We were engaged and worked closely with the CEO to perform a CFO retained executive search for a publicly-held national retail corporation based in Southern California. The national search was for an experienced Chief Financial Officer to be responsible for the strategic financial matters of the corporation. This was a critical search as the CEO and equity investors wanted this position filled rapidly with an individual who gave them additional credibility in the financial markets. The search was completed rapidly with a very satisfied client and a candidate who was able to leverage his experience for significant career and economic advancement.

Our focus is on conducting retained executive searches. We incorporate our recruiting, evaluating and securing personnel skills into our own recruitment process. Our Retained Consultative Executive Search Process is personalized for each search we undertake because each client requires a distinctive course of action to find their perfect leader.

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