Our Candidate Relationship Values

For every personal relationship with our candidates and potential candidates, we promise a steadfast commitment to our relationship values:

New Assurance Partner(s) - Mid-Atlantic

Summary: Client had need to recruit a direct admit partner to help serve and attract ever increasing size and complex clients. We recruited an excellent candidate who was able to dramatically advance her career. In the process we developed a relationship with a second individual who was also a wonderful fit. The client chose to also add this second direct admit partner. These new partnerships had dramatic positive impact on both individuals’ professional and work-life career satisfaction.

Details: We performed a Tier 2 firm retained new assurance partner search for a Mid-Atlantic office. We sourced and recruited an individual who was underutilized in her Big 4 firm; not having her career advance as fast and as far as it should have been. With her permission, we presented her to the client. She became delighted with the immediate and long term advancement potential when the client invited her to join their team as a direct admit assurance partner.

In the process of this search, we found a second individual who was an underemployed Big 4 senior manager. His career had been diverted into one that was transactional based with intensive hours and travel (both incompatible with his required work life balance). The individual had much more to personally gain and contribute by being local-market facing for both high end middle market client service and new client development. This entire search process took considerable time in contacting and successfully coaching this individual as to the significant new career opportunity. In the end the client invited him to also join their team as a direct admit assurance partner