Informal Coaching

Sometimes you need someone with a knowledgeable outside perspective to help you evaluate your career status and potential. If you are a senior financial executive, please do not hesitate to contact us. We do a lot of coaching of individuals unrelated to a specific search. These are people with whom we have had a long standing or newer relationship or those who have recently contacted us (old and new friends). A few case studies of the value of this coaching are included under Client Organizations-Leadership Development.

As discussed in Retained Search from a Candidate’s View - “I enjoy helping people be successful. …. I have a lot of opportunity to use my years of recruiting and developing exceptional leaders to coach already successful referral sources/candidates about their existing and future career development options and how to have a much greater impact on their company, clients and society. The love of this interaction and the pleasure of adding value to my old and new friends, frankly, is a critical aspect of why I chose to spend my 2nd 30-year career doing retained executive search.” - D.H. Abramson